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I've loaded a LOT now for the 7mm-08. Great cartridge and easy to load for, especially from a Tikka. IMR 4350 will work very well. Use the 4895 for 120 grainers. Varget and 120's are classic whitetail fodder. Big Game works well with 120's too. With the 140's I'd look at Varget, H4350 (if you can find it), IMR 8208 XBR (great all around powder ....

Remarks: max charge. 7mm-08 Remington (Speer Reloading Manual #14) reloading data with 154 loads. Using bullets from Speer TNT HP, Speer HP, Speer Spitz SP or Spitz BTSP, Speer Spitz BTSP, Spitz SP, Match BTHP or GS SP, Speer Spitz BTSP, Spitz SP, MT SP or GS SP, Speer MT SP or GS SP. Powders include IMR, Alliant, Winchester, Hodgdon ... drakehammer. My recent favorite deer rifle is the 7mm-08. I have used the 120gr NBT with MV of ~3075 fps from my 7mm-08 for my last four bucks. All of them went over 150# on the hoof with the biggest @ 200#. All shots have been between 50 to 100 yards broadside directly into the shoulder or just behind the shoulder for 100% DRT …

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7mm-08 Remington Load Data 120 Grain 140 Grain 150 Grain 160 Grain 168 Grain 175 Grain PRIVACY USE ORDER PROCESSING SERVICE & RETURNS Copyright 2024 NOSLER INC. Explore the world of Nosler, renowned for crafting the finest bullets, ammunition, rifles, and brass. Three powders produced the highest velocity with 120-grain bullets in. John's 7mm-08 Remington. Accuracy was good, especially with W-760. Various handloading manuals list some impressive velocities for 120-grain bullets fired from the 7mm-08. The Nosler Reloading Guide 8 lists 3,262 fps as the fastest velocity for its Ballistic Tip. Complete data for the new Bench Mark 8208 rifle powder INTRODUCING Australian Outback Ammunition: The only Australian factory manufactured ammunition with Ballistic Temperature Independence MORE DATA Over 400 additional loads WORLD -CLASS POWDERS AND AMMUNITION www.adi-powders.com.au. IN THE BATTLE SINCE …

Since 1939, more hunters have relied on Remington Core-Lokt® than any other big game ammunition, and rightly so. It's filled more tags on more continents than any other load. Core-Lokt® is the original controlled expansion bullet.May 10, 2019 · Most of the factory loads for the 7mm-08 Remington are built around the 120-, 140- and 150-grain bullets, though there are some heavier loads available, using 160-grain and sometimes heavier bullets. For the handloader, there is a wide world available as far as bullet choices go, and the 7mm-08 case has proven to be a very efficient design ... Reloder® TS 15.5 Load Data-New intermediate burn speed between Reloder 15 and Reloder 16-World-class temperature stability-Ideal for loading heavy bullets in 308 Win and 223 Rem-Enhanced velocity in 6mm Wildcats versus Reloder 15-Contains decoppering agent Reloder® TS 15.5 6.5 Creedmoor Load Data Test Firearm: Powder Bullet Brand …1. Never begin loading with the maximum powder charge shown in these reloading data tables, regardless of your experience. 2. Never exceed maximum loads because excessive chamber pressure will result. 3. Discontinue firing at the first sign of excessive pressure or upon noticing a change in the. report of the firearm.

Joined. Jul 26, 2017. Messages. 5,831. Feb 26, 2021. #2. I've not loaded the 140 Berger in the 7mm-08 but the problem i had was trying to get enough extruded powder like 4350 in the case to reach its max potential. I ended up using Win 760 for my wife's with a 140 NP at 2960FPS in a factory 700 24" barrel. L.Joined. Jan 4, 2021. Messages. 4. I have tried staball 6.5 in my wife's Sav axis youth in 7mm-08. The accuacy wasn't anything to write home about but it was ok for a cheaper hunting rifle. I worked up loads with the 139 i-lock using the Winchester min to Max (51gr), I found 47 to 48 gr loads were printing 1moa groups.Anyone here loading 7mm-08 with Win 760 and 139/140gr bullets? I'm looking to load the 139gr Hornady SST's, and the load data is quite different between Hodgdon and Hornady. Hodgdon lists a range of 45.5-47.0gr with the 139gr Hornady bullet, and Hornady lists 40.1-48.9gr. They both seem to agree that 45.5-47.0gr will put you in … ….

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Oct 15, 2013 · I have awhile til it's done. Is it reasonable to assume that any 243 win or 308 win powders will work in the 7mm-08? I have a lot of IMR 4064 from my 243 but wanted some others to try. H4895, varget, H4350. I am leaning toward the extreme line because of such big temp swings from practice in summer to hunting in winter. Any pet loads are welcomed. Jul 15, 2020 · Posts: 73. Central Pennsylvania. I've been loading for a new model 70 for in 7mm-08. So far it shoots well provided the bullets are 140 grains and the powder is IMR 4350. Velocity with 46grs and a 140 Nosler BT is 2600fps over my chronograph. 47grs and a 139gr Hornady flatbase is 2700. Accuracy is around an inch or slightly over at 100 yards.

7,180. Location. S. UTAH. I am loading for a 7mm-08 for the first time and using H4350 because its what I have and people seem to do well with it. I am using new Lapua brass and 139gn Interbonds. Hodgdon shows a starting load of 47gn and a max of 50gn. I started at 47 and am already compressing the load a tiny bit.1. Select Filter by Cartridge or Powder to get started. 2. Select other category options to refine your search. 3. Select the "Get Load Data" button to view results. Filter By Cartridge Filter By Powder. Rifle. Pistol. 2017 Vista Outdoor Operations LLC. All rights reserved. speer-bullets.com

516 823 5186 Jan 11, 2021. Messages. 34. Hey guys I have a Savage Lightweight storm 20in barrel 7mm-08. Been wanting to load a 120 gn all copper bullet in it for my wife hoping it will be lower recoiling. I am trying to decide between 120 TTSX or 120 hammer hunters. I have heard spectacular things about the hammers accuracy and ease of load development. 5 speed motorcycle transmission diagrambarometric pressure and how it affects deer movement Joined. Aug 23, 2016. Messages. 2,705. Location. central pa. Having put over 900 rounds a year through my 7mm-08, turned 7mm-08AI at distances from 25 yards to 600 yards, in all weather, i've played with a powder or 6. All testing was done with a Stevens 200 with factory 22" barrel. blogmenard rebate center Oct 15, 2009. 632. 316. I have a T-3 in 7mm-08 also and killed a nice buck with mine last year. I loaded 120 BT's over Varget. I've never loaded it for elk, but I know it's an easy cartridge to load for otherwise. The Tikka's …Re: Cast Bullets for 7mm-08. « Reply #5 on: December 09, 2014, 01:57:24 am ». I don't have a full power load for that particular bullet, but I have a really great reduced load. 8.5 grains of Red Dot to start, working your way up toward a MAX of 10.0 by tenths. The best accuracy seems to be around 9 grains +/-. hapygeslyegssblakeley 8 piece upholstered sectionalmentality nootropic blend legendary series Rifle reloading – handloading data for rifle calibers. On the list below, you can find all the rifle reloading data we have currently available. For flexible usage, we provide our reloading data in metric and imperial dimension systems, i.e. charge weight in grams and grains as well as muzzle velocity in meters and feet per second. All the ... cullum Accurate 4350 is a short cut, single-base, extruded rifle powder in the extremely popular 4350 burn range. A highly versatile powder, 4350 can be used in a wide range of cartridges from the popular 243 Win to the 338 Win Mag with excellent results. Accurate 4350® is an exceptional choice for the 6mm Rem, 270 Win, 280 Rem and 300 WSM. This short cut … 8 ballsiriusxm 80rofagezevatebutamuseti.pdf Aug 14, 2012 · Most suitable bullets for the 7mm-08 are in the 130-150 grain range. 130’s zip out at just under 3000fps, 140’s at 2850, and 150’s at about 2780. You could go heavier to a 160, but they’re really best used with the bigger 7mm remington magnum as the bullets get long enough that they start cutting into your powder capacity inside the case.